Applications and Results of Parallelizations Strategies in Computational Engineering

HPC for Molecular Dynamics Simulations (LAMMPS)

and Density Functional Theory Code (VASP)

ELEDIA Research Center University of Trento DICAM


The ELEDIA Research Center is pleased to announce new updates of the Modeling and Simulation (MAS) project.

MAS is a transversal, strategic project directed by Prof. Paolo Scardi that involves 5 Departments

and 46 academic staff members of the University of Trento.

The main focus is to promote advanced calculation methods

and to exploit parallel and High performance computing (HPC) in different areas of #science and technology.

Some sample applications and results achieved by the Energy and Materials Laboratory and ELEDIA@UniTN

of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (DICAM) have been posted

on the MAS website at https://mas.unitn.it/hpc

@ELEDIA Research Center @University of Trento

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